Friday, January 31, 2014

RBR: Kick-Ass 2

While it became a cult favorite for many, I had had my issues with the first Kick Ass film about a teen who decides he wants to become a real life superhero despite no actual superpowers. Based on a graphic novel, the first film was flawed for reveling in its debauchery rather than making an effort to try to say anything on the topic of vigilante justice and our fascination of superheroes. Despite those issues, I was curious to see if this follow-up would be more of the same or make an effort to improve upon its previous attempt. Sadly neither of those turned out to be the case as this sequel is a sloppy, uninteresting mess of a sequel. It pulls its punches (somewhat) in terms of the gritty violence that was on display first film for a more mass marketed approach to gore and violence. It's also bogged down with a revenge storyline that holds no weight. The fact that they have to saddle the film with a weak subplot involving Hit Girl (Chloe Grace Moritz) struggling to deal with mean girls in high school is evidence of that. The only silver lining in the film is Jim Carrey playing Sgt. Stars and Stripes, a new vigilante who is trying to band together with other like-minded do-gooders. Sadly, he's killed off far too early in the film leaving us with a lot of time to fill and nothing much to offer. This film does a disservice to fans of the first film and fans of film in general. This was one of my worst films of the year thus far. Rating: * 1/2

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